Our Service

Foundation for Housing Warranty (HOW) provides following services:

  • Financial assistance to small and medium- sized house-builders in order to comply with the Act for Secure Execution of Defect Warranty Liability
  • Underwriting of re-insurance related to losses arising from intention or gross negligence
  • Research for Housing Defects, Warranty, Insurance, Quality Assessment, and Inspection in a fair and neutral standpoint

How conducts administrative work for following projects planned by from government.

  1. Upgrading houses to safe and higher-quality stock
  2. Promotion of offering of rental housing to persons who requires special assistance in securing housing,

Background of the Foundation

Company Name Foundation for Housing Warranty
Establishment 1980
Launch of the business 1982
Office Locations 3F 6-67 Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-0825 Japan
Phone 81-3-6280-7241
Representative Hiroshi Sasaki



1. Housing & Home Warranty Programs World Research (2005)

2. Housing Warranty System in Japan (in process)


The 14th International Housing & Home Warranty Conference (IHHWC) was held in Tokyo on Nov 2017. More than 200 hundred industry experts, construction professionals and decision-makers attended the conference from 17 countries. Using this opportunity, HOW and Institute of International Harmonization for Building and Housing (IIBH) sponsored workshop with French Agence Qualité Construction (AQC).
Mr. Laurent Peinaud, the President of AQC made a presentation:
“A flexible approach for an efficient building control system <What is a building control system?>”.